Expressive Awakenings is an organization designed to free people’s creative core so they can be more fully engaged in the world. Our mission is to actively engage people's bodies and minds in living a more fulfilled life through expressive arts. Our primary goal is to unlock and reengage the creative core among devalued populations.


Individuals with disabilities and the elderly have been separated from others on the margins of society

This has made these groups of people feel unwanted, neglected, and supported.

Expressive arts techniques can revitalize these groups to take pride in their lives and feel powerful and empowered.


Expressive Awakenings is grounded in a strengths-based approach. As a result, learning comes more naturally and in a way that doesn't feel overwhelming.  Yet, the many insights that can come from these techniques are often astounding and life affirming.

The framework is based on the LIFE Model ​works on a circular framework. The model is centered on there being no end with the person, such that each point in the model leads to another and the last point leads right back to the first.  It allows there to be a continual sense of growth that can last as long as the model is helpful for the person.